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About JDMA Paving and Landscaping

About JDMA Paving and Landscaping

From working as a bricklayer building houses, Joe Attenborrow, founder of JDMA discovered that there was a high demand for brick-weave driveways and well finished patios and paving. It was not long before he started to make a name for himself as a garden paver and started up his own business.

Joe soon found that he had a real passion for creating elegant and beautiful gardens. His ability to create professional stonework and outdoors masonry meant that he could combine clean and precise construction techniques with the ability to blend them into strong garden designs meant that his skills started to gain a reputation throughout East Anglia.

Expanding his range of services to include fencing, landscaping and even commercial gardening work for larger construction projects, Joe managed to grow both his company and reputation. The dedication and attention to detail that has made him a success in those early days has stayed with the company and is now a cornerstone of their service.

Over the past few years Joe has worked to build the team at JDMA, bringing on a number of specialists and experienced garden construction employees. With an extensive trial process, each worker has to prove that they will meet the continually high standards of workmanship and customer service for the company. It is this commitment to professionalism that sets our service apart from the competition.

Now JDMA is one of the leading garden design and construction service companies operating in the Norfolk area. If you want to revitalise an old garden and turn it into an area of outstanding beauty or simply to add extra features to an already elegant outdoors – then simply call us for a meeting and we will be happy to discuss how we can help.




Joe Attenborrow


Director, Hard Landscaper, Bricklayer, Plant Operator

Tim Futter


Hard Landscaper, Tree Surgeon, Plant Operator

James Kaschner


Hard Landscaper

Jonny Osbourne


Hard Landscaper, Plant Operator

Kyle Hall


Apprentice Hard Landscaper

Max Lock


HGV Driver and Groundworker

Tom Lowery


Hard Landscaper

For a free site visit and no-obligation quotation please contact us:

 01986 469 014  07568 055 076

City and Guilds Qualified
Bradstone Assured
Brett Approved | Paving Experts you can Trust
Marshalls Register | Accredited Landscape Contractor
Norfolk County Council | Trusted Trader Member
Checka Trade Member
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